“Italy Meets the USA”: Francesco Venturini at the New York Summit

Published on Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Enel Green Power CEO participated in the sixth edition of the event organised by the Italian Business and Investment Initiative (IBII), EY and the American Chamber of Commerce, aimed at strengthening economic exchange between Italy and the United States.

The sixth edition of the “Italy Meets the USA” summit was held in New York on 14 February, organised by the IBII (Italian Business and Investment Initiative), EY and the American Chamber of Commerce and aimed at strengthening economic exchange between Italy and the United States. Attendees included Francesco Venturini, CEO di Enel Green Power, who participated in the opening panel, “Energy - Driver of growth and competitiveness”. The panel also included Luigi Michi (Head of Strategy & Development for Terna) and Haresh Patel (CEO of Mercatus Inc.).

Renewables, future challenges of the industry, digitisation and the positioning of EGP were the major issues addressed by Venturini during his speech.

After mentioning the investment trends for renewable energy in 2016, emphasising the fact that operators are now able to have more installed capacity with the same amount of resources, the EGP CEO pointed out that solar energy is about to become the cheapest form of energy production alongside wind.

The crucial role of digitisation, a process that involves an increasing number of companies in various fields, was highlighted as well. From energy to automotive, from media relations to logistics, the impact of digitisation is becoming more and more strategic. In this regard, the EGP CEO mentioned the acquisition, through Enel Green Power North America, of 100% of Demand Energy Networks, a company specialised in software development and in the optimisation of energy storage systems management.

Attention was then shifted to the goals achieved by Enel Green Power throughout the recently concluded year and to upcoming challenges that await the Renewables Division of Enel.

From a Business Development point of view, EGP won 2,400 MW of new capacity at auction in 2016, making an entry into markets that until a few years ago seemed unthinkable for the world of renewable energy.

Last June, EGP won the rights to build and manage the 34-MW solar photovoltaic plant of Mosi-oa-Tunya, in Zambia, while in Peru it will soon be the only company to manage plants based on three different technologies for renewables, thanks to the award of a total of 326 MW.

Big victories in Morocco as well, where EGP obtained the rights to develop, build and manage five wind projects with a total installed capacity of 850 MW, in consortium with Nareva Holding and Siemens Wind Power, while in Mexico it managed to win 1 GW of solar.

Enel Green Power closed out a record 2016, when it comes to its Engineering & Construction division, too, reaching 2,018 MW of built capacity. The target achieved is a huge success for EGP, which in 2016 more than doubled the results of the year before, when the threshold of 1000 MW was just barely cleared.