Words and Emotions to Understand “A Sense of Safety”

Published on Thursday, 9 March 2017

A book by Sebastiano Trapani, which brings together the results of the project launched for the “Global Day of Health and Safety”, is coming from the company 3SUN.

A little under a year ago, for “Global Day of Health and Safety” celebrated on 28 April 2016, the company 3SUN of Catania launched a new innovative and experimental project: A Sense of Safety. Over five weeks, emails were sent to all the company’s employees with images with a strong emotional impact. It requested employees to make the effort of observing them with the help of their senses, to pour out their thoughts in an open space. The images were carefully chosen to call attention to current and controversial themes of safety and to facilitate the response by giving all employees the chance to empathise: the perception of risk, the role of women in the world of work, communication, respect and dignity, fatality, bureaucracy. The expected goal was to search out and provoke emotions to grasp the deepest meaning of health and safety and the workplace. Giving everyone the possibility of speaking opening and in a new way about safety and sharing their own needs and expectations with the corporate community. A model of modern communication, bi-directional between the company and the employee, to create a new culture of safety aligned with the values and behaviours of Enel’s Open Power vision.

“To be exact, between 11:00 and 16:30 on 26 February 2016, I wrote the project in one go. The goal was to search out and provoke emotions to grasp the deepest meaning of health and safety and the workplace. Managing to project a series of images into people’s minds and leaving open space in their hearts to comment. Just one final question to ask. Always the same question. What is A Sense of Safety?”

– Sebastiano Trapani, author of the book

On 13 June 2016, the initiative was officially concluded, which saw a high level of participation and response. 267 comments were collected, on average, 53 a week. A diverse group responded, belonging to all age groups and spread throughout the company’s various areas. Feedback and appreciation for the initiative and the possibility given was considerable. From this long investigation, a book created by Sebastiano Trapani came into being, entitled “A Sense of Safety”, the product of an undertaking of analysis, comparison and exploration.

Every single comment was read and carefully placed with the others. The words mixed together, naturally, like perfect ingredients, giving rise to a unique book, inimitable in its genre, which talks about the feelings of workers in a large company, united in one common intent: giving meaning to safety.

“A Sense of Safety is just the beginning of a process undertaken that puts the worker at the centre of reflection and the action about health, safety and well-being at the workplace. The goal of “Zero accidents” set for more than 365 days is not by chance, but the result of participation and understanding of the real needs of the workers. 3Sun aims to be an experimental and innovative workshop of the Enel group, continuing to promote unconventional initiatives of communication. We are already working on a new project, to be launched soon.”

– Antonello Irace, CEO of 3SUN