Africa’s future lies in sharing

Published on Thursday, 25 May 2017

Johannesburg hosts the first edition of the Africa Shared Value Summit from 25 to 26 May. Organisations promote the sustainable development of the continent’s environment, economy and welfare. Enel Green Power stars with its projects and achievements based on the Creating Shared Value concept

For two days, Johannesburg will transform into Africa’s capital in sustainable development. The South African city hosts the first edition of the Africa Shared Value Summit from 25 to 26 May, dedicated to representatives of companies, institutions and organizations whose business concept is based on the concept of creating shared values. 

“The goals of the summit in Johannesburg centre on the growing importance of the shared value concept for the development of the African continent.”

The experience gained by Enel and in particular by Enel Green Power, sponsor of the summit, is an exemplification of how the strategic implementation of the CSV approach enables an improvement for companies and the communities involved. 

As part of the two-day summit, Maria Cristina Papetti, Head of Sustainability Projects and Practice Sharing of Enel, is going to give a speech on “Renewable Energy  Growth and Social Equality”, and Lizeka Dlepu, Head of Sustainability for Enel Green Power South Africa, is going to participate in the panel discussion on the connection between the CSV concept and the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) initiated by the South African government in the 2000’s.

“In several parts of Africa we launched projects in which the CSV model blazes new trails for our business bringing benefits to the community’s development.”

Projects such as Liter for light and the PV Training academy in South Africa, Powering Education in Kenya or Crowd4Africa in Uganda, illustrate the presence of EGP, which makes efforts to create shared value, new job opportunities for young people and adults, and provides access to education for the younger generation as well as an overall improvement of the general living conditions within the communities.

The Africa Shared Value Summit aims to raise higher awareness for the shared value concept putting examples and results of its efficiency at the centre of public attention.

Participants and organisers aim to create an annual platform in order to facilitate the collaboration in the development of the shared value approach as well as to highlight to the public, companies and institutions best practice, which reveal the efficiency of the CSV model.