Stars of Merit for Labour Go to EGP’s geothermal energy team in Tuscany

Published on Tuesday, 2 May 2017

“A recognition that honours the commitment and professionalism of our two colleagues, the company as well as the geothermal territories of Pisa and Tuscany, where these colleagues were born and raised.”

– Massimo Montemaggi, head of Geothermal Energy for Enel Green Power

Roberta Bianchi, born in 1965, works at the Enel Green Power Geothermal headquarters in Pisa and began with Enel in 1986. In over thirty years of work, she has made an important contribution in the economic, management and administrative sectors applied to Geothermal Energy, dealing with various aspects of the industrial process, from management control, to the authorisation and verification of investments in new production plants, of new geothermal wells and transport networks for fluids, up to the management and monitoring of production and maintenance programmes for the plants. She is currently the head of support to operation and performance improvement, coordinating all the activities of management support.

Fausto Tanzini has worked for Enel sine 1977. Over his career, he has given an important contribution in the areas of electric and electronic maintenance, applied to geothermal energy, and more generally to the production plants of electrical energy, dealing with all maintenance issues, upgrading and repair of electrical machines and of the connected plants. Currently, he is head of the electro-regulation team of Geothermal Maintenance Services for Enel Green Power.