The solar car Emilia 3 wins the “Albi Eco Race 2017”

Published on Monday, 15 May 2017

The Onda Solare Team wins first place in the French solar car challenge. Another important milestone after the races in Morocco, Chile and Belgium, in expectation of the presentation of the new the four-seater cruiser developed with the support of Enel Green Power

The Onda Solar team won the 2017 Eco Race in Albi, situated in the french Midi-Pyrénées region, under unstable weather conditions.

This is an other victory for the solar-powered car Emila 3, which was developed as part of the Onda Solare project, a more than ten years lasting collaboration between university, companies and research centers under the sign of innovation.

Emilia 3 won first place in the Albi Eco Race after three days of competition, which included a duration and two speed tests, affirming its success achieved during the Maroccan Solar Challenge 2016, the winner’s podium of the Carrera Solar challenge within the Atacama Desert in Chile and its top-ranking position in the 24 hours iLumen European Solar Challenge at the race track of Zolder, Belgium.

After the warm-up on Friday, during which Emilia 3 got noticed for its speed, and 96 rounds completed during the 6 hour long run, Emilia 3 raced to first place, outdistancing with 23 points the German Team of the University of Bochum, which prevailed on 1000 meters speed slalom.

Strategy, coordination and an excellent team management triumphed once again and confirmed the high Italian quality. The two pilots Ruggero Malossi and Marco Bertoldi, assisted perfectly by the entire team, navigated Emilia 3 from the command position, balancing speed and energy efficiency.

The ideal opportunity was sized by the team, which is preparing meanwhile the completion of the new Onda Solare car that is debuting within the next month.

The new four-seat cruiser is the result of the fruitful collaboration between the University of Bologna and partner companies (SCM Group and Cineca) with the support of Enel Green Power. This way the solar car project, a challenges which involves various entities of the fields of mechanics and aerodynamic, as well as power engineering and technology of composite material continues and becomes even more ambitious.