Rubi: Our Energy is on its Way

Published on Friday, 16 June 2017

The construction of our solar project in Peru is going full speed ahead. Each day, about 5,500 photovoltaic panels are installed. We will put in a total of 560,880 in the entire solar complex

 Rubi is Enel Green Power’s largest project under construction in Peru and involves a team of more than 50 colleagues from various Divisions who support the project. All of the people involved are direct witnesses to the swift progress of the construction, which will generate the first MW of clean energy for the electricity system of the South American country in a few months.

“The Rubi solar photovoltaic project is more than 50% complete. Every day, about 5,500 photovoltaic panels are installed in the park. To date, about 130,000 of the 560,880 total panels that will form the plant have been installed.”

Rubi is located in the district of Moquegua in the province of Mariscal Nieto and will be able to generate about 440 GWh a year, equal to the consumption of almost 351,000 Peruvian households. This is the Group’s largest project under construction Peru and will also be the largest solar plant in the country.

“All the people involved participate enthusiastically in the swift progress of this project, which in just a few months will generate its first Megawatt of energy.”

– José Piñeiro, Ruby Project Leader

The progress at Rubi isn’t only about construction, but also about innovation. Within the park, an autonomous lighting system was installed for the construction site that allows for the generation of 11.55 KW of energy each day, avoiding the emission of almost 3 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The Peruvian plant also recently celebrated the achievement of 500,000 hours without any accidents.

“This success is all thanks to the great commitment of EGP and of all the partners involved. We are incredibly proud of the work that is being carried out.”

– Rodrigo Ponce, Rubi Project Manager