Sustainability on the big screen

Published on Friday, 21 July 2017

Enel Green Power supports CineSolar, the travelling cinema project, which uses solar energy. The project made a stop at our Nova Olinda solar power plant and at the communities nearby during the last days.

It’s winter time in Brazil, but in some places temperature ranges from 20 to 30 degrees. You feel the heat even more in the area of sertão, an arid region located in the Piauí State where we are building a 254 MW solar plant, called Nova Olina. The power plant once inaugurated will be able to meet the energy needs of more than 300 thousand Brazilian households.

Usually in the evening, after a hard workday, people can take a breather when it is time to sit down at table and enjoy a good film outside. Even for this reason, we support for a long time the Cinesolar project, the traveling solar powered cinema, which made a stop at our solar plant and at the communities nearby these days. 

“The CineSolar project is part of the CSV initiatives (Creating Shared Value) called “facilities for workers on site” that promote activities addressed to our colleagues working on our construction sites.”

From July 7 until July 9, three cinema sessions took place within the area of Nova Olinda. The first was addressed only to our colleagues building our power plant located at Ribeira do Piauí, within the Piauí State in northeastern Brazil. Whereas the second and the third film show were addressed to the people living in the Vila Foca (São João do Piauí) and Barrigudas (Ribeira do Piauí) communities.

Films and documentaries were projected on the big solar powered screen. Furthermore, audiovisual workshops covering topics like sustainable agriculture, green architecture and sustainable development goals, organized by the United Nations, took place.

“Thanks to CineSolar, the travelling cinema project using clean renewable energy for its film shows, we can reach our colleagues and local communities living in remote areas.”

– Danielly Cantalego, Creating Shared Value Engineer for EGP Brazil and Uruguay

It is not the first time of bringing the CineSolar project to our Brazilian power plant. A few month ago, another film show was organized at our Delfina wind park for 200 workers and numerous members of the local communities.