EGP Spain Increases its Wind Production in Andalusia by 26%

Published on Wednesday, 20 September 2017

“In the first half of the year, Andalusia has positioned itself as one of the autonomous communities with the most wind production.”

The two wind farms belonging to Enel Green Power Spain that produced the most on the peninsula were in Andalusia. These are the PESUR and EEE wind farms, which produced 1,992 equivalent hours in the case of EEE and 1,891 equivalent hours at PESUR, meaning that the hours produced were at full potential. Until the month of June, these two farms produced 63 GWh at EEE and 79 GWh at Pesur, 23% and 24% more than the same period in 2016, respectively.

In the province of Cádiz, EGP Spain has a total of 114.6 MW of installed power at its disposal, divided between 5 wind farms. The above-mentioned EEE and Pesur, with 32 MW and 42 MW of installed power respectively; the Los Lances wind farm, with 10.6 MW of installed power and 13 GWh in production in the first half of 2017 (+28%); The European Wind Plant, the southernmost park in Europe, with installed power of 6 MW and 9 GWh of production until 30 June (+11%); and finally, the park located in the Vejer della Frontera, Granujales, with 24 MW of installed power and 32 GWh in production, until June (+53%).

In the province of Málaga, Enel Green Power Spain also has 5 wind farms, with 153 MW in total installed power. In this province, there are the wind farms of Menaute, with 37.4 MW in installed power and 47 GWh in production in the first half of the year (28%); Puntal has 26 MW of installed power and a record 36 GWh in production through June (16%); Angosturas with 36 MW of power and 39 GWh of production through June (+33%); Madroñales with 34 MW of power and almost 40 GWh in total production through 30 June of this year (32%); and Los Barrancos with 20 MW of installed power and nearly 30 GW in production in six months (+43%).

EGP’s other two wind farms in Andalusia are located in Granada and Almería. Padul, located in a town of the same name in Granada, has 18 MW of installed power and produced 19 GWh in the early months of the year, similar to the year before.

And finally, in Almería, Enel Green Power Spain has one of its oldest wind farms, the 20-year-old Eniz. It was the first wind farm in the province of Almería, with 13.2 MW of installed power and 40 wind turbines. In the first half of 2017, this park produced roughly 7 GWh, a 33% increase from the year before.

Enel Green Power Spain manages more than 1,675 MW of capacity in the country, of which 1,618 MW are from wind energy, 43 MW hydroelectric and 14 MW are from other sources of renewable energy, like biomass and solar. EGP Spain plants generate about 4 TWH of emission-free energy every year.