Brazil: EGP inaugurates Lapa solar park

Published on Tuesday, 3 October 2017

“In the state of Bahia EGPB already operates 536 MW of wind capacity and 412 of solar capacity.”

Lapa is located in an area with high levels of solar radiation. The project introduced a cost-efficient design with new tracker solutions and new conversion units that streamline the PV plant’s construction and commissioning, whereby optimizing its production. In addition, a new commissioning strategy, based on a stronger synergy with contractors on site and a remote commissioning support, was implemented, allowing a 70% reduction in the average time to put plant into operation.

“Lapa was awarded to the Enel Group in August 2015 following the “Leilão de Reserva” public tender, together with the 103 MW Horizonte and the 292 MW Nova Olinda solar projects which are currently under construction.”

During the construction of Lapa, EGP implemented several initiatives, such as training courses for electricians, to benefit the social development of the areas nearby the plant, in line with the Creating Shared Value (CSV) approach.