Sailing boat powered by green energy unveiled in France

Published on Friday, 13 October 2017

“The EGP sailboat will cut through the oceans, bringing the most innovative and sustainable solutions around the world; a true floating laboratory capable of providing valuable information for the perfection of marine generation technologies.”

Following the participation in the Transat Jaques Vabre, Enel Green Power will install on the boat a marine machine, developed in collaboration with Wave 4 Energy (W4E), with the aim of further increasing the on-board generation capacity from renewables. With these technologies, the boat will run on 100% "ecopower," also thanks to the replacement of the traditional motor with an electric one, which will be paired with a dedicated storage system to guarantee its autonomy. This is the first time that a marine machine is installed on a sailboat; a travelling experimental laboratory made possible thanks to Enel Green Power's know-how and ability to innovate.

For the next two years, the Andrea Fantini Racing team will be competing on a boat, conceived and designed for single-handed or small crew ocean races, the same boat used in the past by the famous skipper Giovanni Soldini.