EGP South Africa wins the Africa Employer Brand Awards 2017

Published on Monday, 18 December 2017

“EGP RSA has 124 permanent local employees, 42% of which are women, and many of top management positions in EGP RSA’s divisions are held by black South African women.”

In the Individual Category, Zoliswa Tshetshe was named Chief Human Resource Officer of the Year and was awarded for Excellence in Improving Performance Through Leadership. 

“Employer branding is a strategic, traditionally it has been in the domain of the human resources department, or in marketing, but in reality it must be driven from the top levels of the management team with support from all stakeholders in each division.”

– Zoliswa Tshetshe, Head of Human Resources & Organisation at EGP RSA

Zoliswa, introduced the local Open Leadership initiative to encourage participant awareness of leadership and management styles.  She also adopted the global initiative “From Leader to Coach” and designed a local program to enhance and inspire managers in South Africa to get closer to their employees and facilitate the enhancement of their performance through development of their individual growth plans.

Encouraging a coaching methodology into a management style makes the difference between simply telling employees what to do, and working with them on professional development. 

“These awards are a testament to the talent we are developing. Our colleagues are a fundamental pillar of our success”

– William Price, EGP RSA Country Manager

By taking the lead in renewable energy in South Africa we have the opportunity to become a key player in the rest of Africa, “in the process providing jobs in a fairly new industry and imparting valuable skills. We look forward to continuing our growth in the African continent” William Price said.