Open Plants 2017: A Year Full of New Things

Published on Thursday, 28 December 2017

“This year, we decided to open the doors of our plants again to introduce ourselves to surrounding communities in a transparent way. Open Plants, in addition to being a showcase of what we do and how we do it, is an effective initiative for creating shared value.”

– Michele Bologna, Head of Communications for Enel Green Power

EGP’s renewable plants are transformed, for one day, into public spaces to actively involve those living in the area.

2017’s success can be seen in the numbers: 13 plants opened their doors, from the North to the South, including 8 hydropower plants, 3 wind, 1 geothermal and 1 solar; about 8,000 participants; 7,000 gadget handed out and more than 70 local businesses.

“One of the main changes in 2017 was the participation of local producers, promoting food and artisanal products typical of Italy.”

During the 13 events, dozens of businesses presented local products, some with DOP and IGP certification, to promote Italy’s unique heritage.

Given its great success in Italy, the same format has been exported to our green energy plants in many other countries.

Open Plants maintains a strong educational viewpoint. Thanks to our specialised technical staff, all participants were able to tour the plants, to get to know how a renewable energy plant works and understand the nature of its energy, in a simple, immediate and fun way.

Designed for Families and Students

Ever since its first edition, in 2002, the project has had the goal of involving families and young people, to introduce Enel’s technological skills and the environmental standards with which energy is produced.

“This is why a recreational component has always been a key ingredient to the success of the editions over the years. The days’ programme gives plenty of space to workshops, role plays, sports and activities based on healthy competition to experience the plant’s spaces in a constructive and fun way.”

This year especially, various schools have been involved. The event in Serre Persano (SA) on 19 October, for example, was a chance to award the winners of the "We’re All in Play" project, promoted by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (Miur) and ASviS on the theme of sustainable development.

At the same event, Fabiano Ventura, photographer and explorer, organised an educational workshop on the causes and consequences of climate change for the ecosystem, presenting the exhibit "On the Trail of the Glaciers", made possible by the support of Enel Green Power.

Energy Events

Our 2017 series started on 20 and 21 May with the hydropower plants in Piedimonte Matese (CE) and Zogno (BG), an event that allowed visitors to witness, via videowall, the passing of the fifteenth stage of the Giro d'Italia.

On 17 June, we were at the Ponte San Martino (TV) hydropower plant with an event organised as part of the “Suoni di Marca” pre-festival. And on 29 July, in the Ligonchio (RE) hydropower plant, we hosted a Fabio Concato concert.

In the month of September, on the occasion of the plant’s one hundredth birthday, we opened the doors of the Boffetto (SO) hydropower plant and the Rocchetta hydropower plant in Volturno (IS), where the band “Seven Power”, made up of 7 Enel colleagues, performed.

In October, it was time for Mucone 1° Salto (CS) and the Chiusdino (SI) geothermal plant, a chance to present the “Cultivation of Spirulina in a geothermal environment” project.

Sicily hosted four events: Anapo (SR), Alcantara (CT), Caltabellotta (AG) and Caltavuturo (PA), in the province of Palermo, where the main road leading to the EGP plant was fixed for the occasion.

Looking forward to the Next Edition

The numbers and enthusiasm we saw this year give us the right momentum to start again in 2018 with a full calendar of events involving more people and more countries, in order to spread our values of sustainability and innovation to all. 

“We’ll tell you now that the word that will distinguish the new year will be «interactive».”

A new formula to ensure an immersive experience that is even more effective at bringing the plants and the local area together, from the perspective of creating shared value.

We’ll see you at Open Plants 2018!