New record for green energy production

Published on Friday, 12 January 2018

“After exceeding the threshold of 300 GWh produced by our renewable plants in one day for the first time in October we were able to close out 2017 with a series of further exceptional achievements. On 16 December, we raised the bar even further by reaching 305.1 GWh, and on 21 December we topped off a year of success with the extraordinary record of 307.2 GWh. This is a further demonstration of our amazing ability to manage over 1,200 plants around the world and to build new ones managing to reach full-production in record time. An achievement made possible by all our colleagues engaged in the development, construction and management of plants around the world.”

– Luigi La Pegna – Head of Operation & Maintenance, EGP

This important production record was aided by new plants which came into operation in the last months of the year, like Nova Olinda in Brazil (292 MW), Enel Green Power’s largest solar plant in South America, 3 wind farms in the United States: Rock Creek (300 MW), Red Dirt (179,5 MW) and Thunder Ranch (298 MW), Rubi (179,5 MW), the first solar plant build by Enel Green Power in Peru and Volta Grande (380 MW), the Brazilian hydroelectric plant for which EGP won a 30-year concession in September.

The commitment to and investments in the renewable energy sector are leading not only to growth in the number of plants but also to lower costs for green sources compared to traditional ones and a increased efficiency for the former.

We are present in 19 countries and we produce energy with innovative technologies in solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal and biomass. This integrated approach has allowed us to guarantee stability and efficiency to renewables as a whole, providing clean energy to the communities where we work.

We are celebrating this new amazing record, ready to outdo ourselves again in 2018, a year that will see the entrance of new capacity in new countries (like Australia and Zambia) and will bring even more green energy to the 5 continent where Enel Green Power is present.