Villanueva beats record after record

Published on Friday, 2 February 2018

“This is clear from two numbers: more than 3 million hours with no accidents and 18,990 panels installed in one day.”

In the Coahuila Desert, the Villanueva team has reached a new world record for the installation of solar panels in a single day: 18,990 instead of the 16,020 already reached. Villanueva takes the title away from two other Enel Green Power plants: Nova Olinda, with 15,584 panels, and Ituverava, with 11,676.

"Achieving this result shows that we are going in the right direction. It’s a source of satisfaction for the Enel Green Power project team, as well as for all our suppliers. Without their professional help and support, beating this record wouldn’t have been possible”, said Luca Ceci, Project Manager for Villanueva.

The solar plant, which is a candidate for the largest in Latin America, will be made up of 2,300,000 panels spread over almost 2,400 hectares of land, for a total of 754 MW able to generate over 1,700 GWh a year.

A colossal project completed in record time thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies.  Here we have tested on a portion of the 5 MWdc plant equal to about 10 hectares, the equivalent of 20 football fields, the use of GPS-controlled machines for the movement of the land with important benefits in economic and environmental terms: doubling productivity and 30% cutting the fuel needed to transport materials. The automatic installation of the cables alone, for example, has allowed us to increase productivity up to 10 times.

The wish to experiment is at the base of our E&C (R)evolution project, which is destined to revolutionize the entire construction world.

“Digitisation, robotics, teamwork, attention to and integration with local communities: these are the key ingredients to building a plant of this scale, quickly and with economic and environmental benefits, while respecting the territory and people.”

So Villanueva, which is Enel Green Power’s most ambitious project, acts as a model of an innovative and sustainable worksite. 

“A treasure among the plants we are constructing around the world: the technologies, methodology and attention to sustainability tested here will be useful at other construction sites.”

We’re thinking of Amistad II, III, IV still in Mexico or of Bungala Solar One in Australia, jumping to the other side of the world.

The plant’s construction is proceeding full speed ahead and some are already thinking of the next challenges. "We are very proud of these results but we can do even more”, said Saverio Pidalá, Project Leader for Mexico and Central America. “We are aware that the success of each one of us is the Group’s success, so we will do our best to find new reasons to celebrate”.

Emo Frosali, Construction Manager for Mexico and Central America, also said: “We must continue to succeed, welcoming challenges with enthusiasm and always trying to improve ourselves".