Guatemala: A Shared Plan for the Environment in Zunil

Published on Friday, 2 March 2018

“The Strategic Environmental Plan is aimed at improving the area’s quality of life in Zunil and at strengthening the protection of the local community's natural resources through sustainable practices.”

EGP Guatemala provided its expertise in sustainability projects as well as an investment of over 67,000 Quetzals – about 9,000 US dollars – to shape a plan that responds effectively to the main environmental issues of the city, in benefit of its 15,300 inhabitants.

In 2017, EGP Guatemala, in cooperation with fellow COMUSAN members, already successfully carried out some environmental education and forest recovery activities in Zunil:

  • A recycling festival, which resulted in the recovery of more than 3.6 tons of reusable materials like paper and plastic throughout the 15 collection centers distributed in local schools
  • The cleaning of Zunil’s urban area;
  • The planting of 10,000 trees in deforested areas,
  • The development of theatrical presentations in educational centers to raise awareness about environmental issues and reforestation in particular.


The main players involved in the development of this plan, all COMUSAN members, are: EGP Guatemala, the Country’s National Registry of the Citizens (RENAP); Ministry of Social Development (MIDES); Secretary of Food and Nutritional Safety (SESAN); National Commission of Alphabetization (CONALFA); Ministry of Health (MSPS); Ministry of Education (MINEDUC), Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (MAGA) and the international NGO RTI International.

“The Strategic Plan we have launched today, which is the outcome of a thorough analysis of Zunil’s environmental situation, is designed to create shared value, a goal of ours in every market we operate in. ”

– José Antonio Sánchez, Head of Enel Green Power Guatemala

In line with the Creating Shared Value (CSV) model, which aims to combine business development and local community needs, our involvement in the implementation of the Strategic Environmental Plan seeks to address specific fields of work that contribute to the conservation, protection and recovery of natural resources.

In line with the CSV approach, community leaders as well as local authorities also worked in the preparation of the plan. 

“The plan focuses on five fields: environmental education, waste management, forest recovery, security of land ownership and water sanitation.”

Specifically, on the water sanitation issue, EGP Guatemala projects the development of two collection devices for floating debris in strategic areas of the Salama River. All the collected materials will then be evaluated for sale or recycling, to financially support the other activities within the plan.