Spain: EGP's “double win” in Andalusia and Extremadura

Published on Thursday, 17 May 2018

“Enel Green Power España plans to invest over 280 million euros on new renewable plants in Extremadura and Andalusia.”

These new projects will benefit from Andalusia's notoriously strong and constant winds. In Vejer de la Frontera, a short distance from the city of Cádiz, our windfarm will generate 22 MW while a second one, racking up 42 MW, will find its place near Malaga, nestled among the towns of Teba, Almargen and Campillos.

Sunny Extremadura will house six new solar parks, ready to generate plenty of photovoltaic energy. 

Towards a 20 20 20 goal

As the designated winner of the Spanish government's second wind energy tender and third solar energy tender, EGPE is slated to build over the next few years new renewable energy plants for an estimated total installed capacity of 879 MW, of which 540 MW pertain to wind energy while 339 MW to solar.  

“Spain's goal is to reach a 20% quota in renewable energy consumption within 2020, as mandated by the European Union.”

EGPE is planning to build seven new renewable plants in Extremadura and Murcia, at a total cost of 800 million euros. Once operational, these new plants will generate about  1750 GWh every year.

Thanks to a recent acquisition of 5 wind farms in Galicia and Catalonia for a total of  132 MW, EGPE is now managing a Spanish portfolio of wind farms for a total installed capacity of 1806 MW. Overall, EGPE's renewable plants generate about 4 TWh of carbon free energy every year. 

“Of EGPE's total installed capacity in Spain, 1749 MW originate from wind energy, 43 MW from mini-hydro plants while 14 MW from other renewable sources.”