“Bike ride on a dam”, a journey of discovery on Italy’s Enel Green Power plants

Published on Wednesday, 27 June 2018

“From the Alps to Sicily, the cross-country journey will touch plenty of sites with constant updates rolling all summer long on the website of Il Sole 24 Ore, with cultural trails, detailed infos, recipes and news that connect with the dams and their surroundings.”

Every break along the journey is the perfect chance to tell the story of our featured hydro power plants through countless aspects: their mode of operation, history, right up to a unique connection with cycling and one of its legendary races, the Giro d’Italia. 

““Bike ride on a dam” not only appeals to cycling aficionados alone but also, to all of whom love nature, history, exotica and Italy’s food and wine riches, quite simply, a treasure trove waiting to be uncovered.”

Going up and down Italy’s dams

In Italy alone, Enel Green Power manages a portfolio of over 500 hydroelectric plants, most of which were built in the 50s and 60s when this kind of energy was instrumental in powering Italy’s “economic miracle” of the postwar period.

Of all of these plants and their dams, we’ve selected a wonderful dozen that stand out for their history and unshakeable bond with their surroundings. 

“We’ve featured the alpine dams of Campo Moro (Lombardy) and Morasco (Piedmont), two postcard examples of engineering and technological boldness, together with the Rochemolles dam in the upper Susa Valley, boasting a disused railroad which has now been transformed in an enchanting cycling path.”

Riding towards Italy’s southern region, we cross several Apennine passes before reaching Calabria where the Lake Cecita dam and its prehistoric mammoth make for an interesting break. Sicily is just a short hop away and the Nebrodi mountain ranges is where Lake Ancipa is nestled, a stone’s throw from the little hamlet of Agira, home of the “cassatella”, a delicious pastry with a sumptuous cocoa and almond filling.  

“Four stages of this Italian hydroelectric journey will be followed by sporting pundit, former cycling professional and two-time Giro winner Paolo Savoldelli, pedaling on our dams alongside Enel and Enel Green Power executives.”

All updates from “Bike ride on a dam” are available on the bespoke section of il Sole 24 Ore website, while the sports-inspired social network Strava will soon host a special Challenge, where die-hard cyclists can battle it out in breathtaking climbs leading to these Italian dams.