Re-Source Platform: Europe's meeting point between green energy supply and demand

Published on Thursday, 28 June 2018

“Launched during the 2014 New York World Climate Week, the RE100 project now has more than 130 participants among the world's big groups, determined to use 100% green energy in their plants and offices by 2025.”

In Europe, companies and institutions are playing their part in making the continent evermore "green" and to continue on the way to decarbonisation. With this in mind, Enel Green Power and the continent’s main stakeholders have joined up in the RE-Source Platform, the platform where renewable energy producers can meet their purchasers.

“The RE-Source Platform project came into being thanks to the collaboration between RE 100, Wind Europe, SolarPower Europe and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, WBCSD).”

Sustainability’s meeting point

The RE-Source Platform was officially launched on June 7 in Brussels, at Google's European headquarters, where Enel Green Power met the other strategic partners.

The meeting took place during the "European Sustainable Energy Week" and was also an opportunity to nominate the members of the platform control committee, which sees EGP as a protagonist alongside companies such as Google, Microsoft, IKEA, BT, Danone, Amazon, RES, Novartis and Facebook.

“As the world's largest renewable energy buyer, we are pleased to support the RE-Source platform to accelerate the growth of renewables in Europe.”

– Marc Oman, Senior Lead, Energy and Infrastructure, Google

As a meeting place for producers and buyers, the RE-Source Platform has the ambitious goal of accelerating renewable investments in Europe, in particular by promoting the long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), still not widely used on the old continent.

“PPAs represent a unique opportunity for large companies, an instrument able to provide a stable, economic and certified energy supply.”

The European green revolution

In the United States and Mexico, the PPAs signed by Enel Green Power are already a reality and have long contributed to spreading the use of renewables among the leading companies of the digital revolution, the large US companies and the Midwest communities.

“Thanks to its commitment to combine the best of technological innovation with sustainability projects, as advocated by the UN 2030 agenda, EGP is at the forefront alongside governments and institutions on the path that leads to the full use of renewables.”

In Europe the potential of PPAs is still enormous and an initiatives such as RE-Source Platform, which combines everyone aiming at the same objective, is merely the starting point for the old continent's "green revolution."