#EnelFocusOn: EGP partners with American corporations to support their sustainability goals

Published on Tuesday, 3 July 2018

“We must rebuke the notion of climate change as a corporate cost. We must instead consider it an opportunity for innovation and business. Together, we make the world cleaner, healthier and more prosperous.”

– Amy Davidsen, Executive Director Climate Group for North America

This is how the quest for sustainability and the fight against climate change become shared goals, with institutions, companies and utilities, all pushing hard in the same direction. 

America is getting greener

In a world poised to become increasingly greener, the concurrent phase out from coal is a no brainer, under all aspects. 

“Building a coal power plant has long been a hardly convenient choice, from an economic and financial standpoint.”

– Ryan O’Keeffe, Enel’s Head of Communication

In order to help companies navigate the new energy paradigm, renewable power producers, like Enel Green Power have introduced Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) - long term renewable energy supply contracts. -

PPAs provide companies with price certainty in an increasingly fluctuating energy market. They are also the basis to build strong and solid partnerships with our clients, helping us develop tailor-made projects at competitive prices. 

PPAs from EGP are already the preferred choice of many corporations, including Facebook and Anheuser-Busch.

“Anheuser-Busch has pledged to go 100% renewable from this year on: this is a bold commitment and its benefits will be transferred to all our products.”

– Angie Slaughter, VP of Sustainability - Anheuser-Busch

As companies begin to think about how to carry out their sustainability goals, PPAs provide a resource to break-down many of the barriers to market entry and utilize a knowledgeable partner like Enel Green Power to transition to 100% renewables. 

“We’ve worked very hard to implement all sustainable solutions put in place, and our commitment served as an example for other companies to follow suit in adapting their business model to sustainable practices.”

– Peter Freed, Energy Strategy Manager - Facebook

An expanding revolution

The long term energy supply model offered by PPAs is ushering a revolution in other foreign markets like Mexico, Chile and Brazil, where government officials were quick to perceive their economic and environmental strong points. 

This revolution has now reached the shores of Europe, where the United Kingdom and Scandinavian countries are now the standard bearers of sustainability.

Considering the PPA revolution was first spearheaded by major tech giants, it’s now traditional sectors of the economy and heavy industries who are setting their sights on long term contracts as an opportunity to diversify their energy portfolio while pushing for ambitious sustainability goals.

The spreading of PPAs has reached companies with medium energy-loads as well, together with SMEs who can benefit from a mitigation of fluctuating energy prices and an overall focus on sustainability which is steadily becoming a decisive factor in influencing consumer choices.

In 2017 EGP broke for the second year straight its own record for installed renewable capacity in twelve months, reaching a global tally of 2602 MW in new sustainable energy, 1,200 of which was built in the U.S., we are ready to power companies that today are keen to build tomorrow’s greener world.