The IoT project by EGP and Enel X for wind energy have won the Elis Innovation Day 2018

Published on Thursday, 26 July 2018

“Our task is to test innovative digital solutions and encourage the adoption of those that are most mature, which can bring a competitive advantage to our business lines. In addition to Big Data Analytics platforms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, we are also focusing on the “Internet of Things”.”

– Fabio Leonardi, Project Manager of Renewable Digital Hub

Thanks to the Elis initiative, EGP and Enel X worked together with other members of the consortium, like ST Microelectronics, which took care of the MEMS technologies, Eurotech, which provided the passive radar technology, and the start-up SED, experts in fluid dynamic modelling.

The prototypes of the measurement systems were developed and tested in the field with excellent results by the ST Microlectronics team and Eurotec, which managed to detect and localize a real anomaly in a wind turbine by analysing only the acoustic track.

“The Wind Blade Monitoring project fits right in to the IoT context, since the developed solution uses data from acoustic sensors installed inside wind plants in order to identify any deformations of the blades by processing data in real time.”

– Fabio Leonardi, Fabio Leonardi, Project Manager of Renewable Digital Hub

The Enel team, on the other hand, with the technological expertise of Digital Hubs, defined the integration architecture for the IoT platform and the design of the interface created by the two ELIS students, winners of the scholarships offered.

“We brought up an important topic like wind turbine monitoring with IoT technologies to detect deformations in a non-invasive and cost-effective way. Enel GDS financed two scholarships as part of the Elis Consortium’s Innovation Hub initiative, in collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic, aiming to educate young students in specific digital technology subjects, to develop a project with these two talented students that was challenging but also of interest for the entire Group.”

– Daniela Pestonesi, Head of Digital Satellite Italy for Enel X

Teamwork allowed us not only to achieve the educational goal of the two students, but also to demonstrate how IoT technologies and digital platforms can be key in the field of predictive maintenance, a sector EGP is increasingly engaged in at its plants around the world.