Mandela Day: Sustainability in the name of Madiba

Published on Tuesday, 31 July 2018

EGP together with Dlala Nje to create new opportunities for social development

In Johannesburg, EGP staff volunteered their time in the inner city with urban discovery initiative Dlala Nje, which organises guided tours in some of the most run down and poverty stricken areas of the city, in a bid to challenge perceptions and create opportunities.

Thanks to these guided tours over the years, Dlala Nje has managed to build and run an Early Childhood Development Centre. The centre provides education and support for children and teens from the surrounding Hillbrow neighbourhood, one of Johannesburg’s notoriously derelict areas.

The centre is located near Ponte City, an iconic building that has been restored after falling into disrepair. On Mandela Day, it welcomed our Head of Community Relations and Economic Development Lizeka Dlepu and other colleagues from EGP, who spent the day with Dlala Nje volunteers, helping to tidy, paint and clean the area.  

EGP also donated educational tools to the centre, to be used by children during their stay.

In South Africa, EGP runs numerous sustainability projects, with which we aim to create shared value in the communities in which we have operations. Our commitment goes well beyond Mandela Day and will be a consistent force in the years to come.