Wind energy: the new Wayra I sustainable park in Peru has been inaugurated

Published on Tuesday, 17 July 2018

“Wayra I is the key to diversify Peru’s energy mix, while stabilizing its power grid and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Non-conventional renewable power plants are essential for a country in great need of efficient and sustainable energy.”

– Jose Revuelta Mediavilla, Country Manager of Enel Perù

The inauguration of Wayra I was also attended by Peru’s Minister of Energy and Mining, Mr Francisco Ísmodes Mezzano, the Head of EGP Latin America, Mr Antonio Scala, and the Country Manager of Enel Peru, Mr José Revuelta Mediavilla. This was the moment to officially celebrate Enel Green Power as the main renewable energy provider of the country with over 1,1 GW of installed power.

Along with the Wayra I wind farm, EGP’s presence in Peru is known for its Moquegua solar park (180 MW) and by seven hydroelectric plants - managed by Enel Generation Peru - generating 790 MW. Enel is Peru’s only operator boasting renewable power plants with three different technologies: hydro, solar and wind

Sustainability: an exemplary construction site

The making of Wayra I can be considered a picture-perfect example of what EGP’s “sustainable construction site” model is all about, that is, a collection of best practices and procedures that minimize and subsequently mitigate the social and environmental impact of construction works. 

Wayra I, right in the heart of the Peruvian desert, is where we launched a sustainability initiative for the recycling, reuse and transformation in eco-compatible furniture of thousands of wooden pallets used in the construction phase.

Moreover, the wind farm also showcased a cutting-edge project using nanotechnologies to handle waste waters with a zero emissions treatment plant.

The treatment plant is an absolute first for Enel, as it uses a series of nanotech ceramic membranes that purify water in a natural way, thus preserving a scarce and vital resource in Ica’s barren and arid territory.

The plant inauguration was also the occasion to mark the start for the tenth edition of “La Semana Enel en el MALI”, where Enel proudly welcomes people of all ages inside the premises of the Museo de arte de Lima (MALI) - Peru’s largest museum and exhibition complex - for a nine-day suite of events, from July 20 to 29.

More than 30 thousand visitors are expected to enjoy “La Semana Enel en el MALI” where they’ll experience one of Wayra I wind turbines in virtual reality, together with an informational journey of discovery through the secrets of wind technology.