Class 40, EGP’s sailing boat EGP will sail to the Route du Rhum with Andrea Fantini

Published on Monday, 29 October 2018

“The technological partnership with the Andrea Fantini Racing team allows us to capitalize on our experience in the development of sustainable and innovative energy solutions and, at the same time, show the great potential of renewables to a vast audience of sailing enthusiasts.”

– Antonio Cammisecra, CEO of Enel Green Power

Enel Green Power, as Innovation Partner of the Andrea Fantini team, equipped the Class 40 with a mini-grid, which combines energy produced by solar panels, a wind turbine and a hydrogenerator with a storage system.

On board, there is a monitoring system that can send, in real time, data on energy production and consumption to land, to give technicians a chance to study and apply the most suitable solutions.

Route du Rhum with Andrea Fantini and with the EGP innovations for environmental sustainability

Andrea Fantini, Captain of the Enel Green Power Class 40, is ready for the ocean after extensive preparations Mediterranean, where he triumphed in the Garmin Marine Roma x1, crossed the finish line of the Giraglia Rolex Cup and navigated from Cadiz, Spain, to Lorient, France, to reach the nautical miles necessary to qualify for the Route du Rhum.

In Saint-Malo, the fun started on 24 October with the Racing Village: ten days of events and sports activities that brought the world of ocean sailing together in Brittany, with athletes, teams and sponsors, as well as fans and onlookers.

Starting on 4 November, the first part of the Route du Rhum takes place in the heart of winter in the North Atlantic: strong wind and icy water will force sailors to find the best compromise between speed and the need to conserve themselves, the boats and the equipment. Once past Portugal, weather conditions will improve thanks to trade winds: water and air temperatures rise and the wind will be behind them.

“There are many hidden dangers in a race like the Route du Rhum. On the other hand, it’s a solo regatta, which means you have to sail fast to get ahead of your adversaries, make a weather-based strategy by studying its changes many times a day, and in the meantime you have to eat, sleep, take photos and videos, fix everything that breaks … basically, there aren’t enough hours in a day!”

– Andrea Fantini, Skipper of the Class 40

Thanks to the technological partnership between Enel Green Power and Andrea Fantini, sustainability and technology come together, creating a new kind of energy that allows the Enel Green Power Class 40 to sail the ocean and bring EGP’s most innovative solutions around the world.

An athletic challenge so extreme that it carries power of the sun and wind with it and has a positive impact on the environment and the quest for a zero-emission future.