EGP Lear’s Macaw repopulation in Brazil to support biodiversity and sustainable development

Published on Thursday, 18 October 2018

“The recovery programme for Lear’s macaw was carried out in line with Enel’s biodiversity programme, which determines our efforts to create measures to protect the environment in the best way and, if necessary, restore ecosystems. Like, for example, promoting the recovery of endangered species in the area where the company works.”

– Valeria Ladeira – Environmental Discipline Brazil and Uruguay

The protection of Lear’s macaw was also part of the conditions for the installation of the Delfina wind farm, which required the identification of critical areas for shelter and feeding for Lear’s macaw.

The recovery of Lear’s macaw is an advantage for the entire region around the Delfina wind farm and yet another demonstration of EGP’s commitment to the environment and the conservation of biodiversity.