Energy and Community: The Formula for Success for EGP’s Open Plants

Published Thursday, 27 december 2018

“This initiative at our plants is a chance for citizens to get closer to the world of electrical energy production and get to know the company that is present and rooted in the community with its plants and important activities.”

– Carlo Pignoloni, Head of Italy for EGP

Besides schoolchildren and visitors, this year, like in 2017, Open Plants saw the participation of more than 40 companies, which brightened the days dedicated to "clean energy factories" by showing off local food, wine and crafts, promoting Italian products and appreciating our one-of-a-kind heritage.

And that’s not all, because in 2018, “Open Plants” was on the social networks, too, with visitors being encouraged to take photos at the plant and share them with the hashtag #egpcentraliaperte.

A fun and innovative opportunity to become a star of our videos on the event!

Open Plants from Italy’s North to South

This year, the tour of “clean energy factories” got its start at the Bardonecchia hydropower plant, in Val Susa, which welcomed about 500 visitors and students from local schools on 25 May.

It was inaugurated in 2011 and able to provide green and sustainable electrical energy to 15,000 households. For its opening to the public, which coincided with the passing of the Giro d’Italia in Bardonecchia, the plant was transformed into a gathering place for the whole area, featuring stands for local honey and cheese producers, entertainment for the little ones and, for the adults, a chance to take a bike ride on the area’s splendid roads.

On 9 June, “Open Plants” went to Sicily, to the Gangi wind farm, in Monte Zimmara, Contrada Pianette, in the province of Palermo. The event provided a great example of sustainability for all the kids from Madonita-area elementary, middle and high schools, as well as a moment of transparency and proximity to institutions and the community. At 1300 metres above sea level, the 1200 visitors to the Gangi plant had a unique chance to admire how electrical energy comes from the wind and took part in creative recycling workshops based on the ideas of sustainability and the circular economy

“It was a great example of sustainability for the youth of the Madonita area. Open Plants is a moment of openness and transparency for institutions and the community where our production sites are located. A real success, with 15 local institutions involved and over 1,200 participants.”

– Emanuele Silvestri, Territorial Affairs, South Area

Sustainability that Starts with the Community

As it wandered up and down Italy, on 17 June “Open Plants” stopped over at the Ignazio Silone hydroelectric plant (San Giacomo) in Montorio al Vomano, in the province of Teramo, and saw the energy and enthusiasm of more than 800 adults and children.

“Open Plants is an important moment of openness to the community. Visitors can see our hydropower plant up close in a wonderful setting.”

– Emanuele Baroncini, Head of UT Montorio for EGP

At the end of summer, on 22 September, “Open Plants” headed to Ascoli Piceno, to the Porta Romana hydroelectric plant, where local institutions, including the mayor, Guido Castelli, 450 townspeople and 100 students admired the functioning of a plant that has used water from the Tronto River to produce clean energy since 1955. 

Hydroelectric Plant - Bardonecchia (Italy)

October: Sustainability Month

For “Open Plants”, October 2018 was a month of sustainability, with three events in three plants.

On 13 October, we opened the doors of our Piedimonte Matese hydroelectric plants, in Campania, where over a thousand people visited the Luigi Vanvitelli plant, and the Taloro plant, in Sardinia, which welcomed nearly 700 people, including lots of children and teenagers from local schools.

In both Campania and Sardinia, the events were accompanied by local food and wine delicacies, which provided a splendid setting for the days dedicated to renewable energy.

Our “Open Plants” sustainability days will be back in 2019, with lots of new features.

For next year, we’ve planned to make our plants even more interactive, with in-depth guided tours for adults and children, to make the discovery of clean energy sources an unforgettable experience!

The first events of our “Interactive Plants” are planned for the hydroelectric plants in Acquoria, in Lazio, and Trezzo sull’Adda, in Lombardy.

See you in 2019!