#Renewables4All: EGP is committed to the sustainable development of renewable energy

Published on Tuesday, 11 December 2018

“We are committed to the survival of our planet. Every hour, the Earth receives much more sunlight than would be needed to power the world for an entire year. This is why our world should never be without sustainable energy.”

– Patrick Dixon, President of Global Change

#Renewables4All also featured the participation of Antonio Cammisecra, our CEO, and Michele Bologna, Head of Communications for EGP, who discussed topics related to the energy transition and the fight against climate change with influencers from North America, Latin America, Europe and Africa.

To build a more sustainable future, we need to be aware of the climate change made visible, for example, by the gradual retreating of our planet’s glaciers.

A challenge that, thanks to the project “On the Trail of the Glaciers”, we’ve been working on with Fabiano Ventura, who has reached the glaciers of America, Asia and Europe to analyse the effects of climate change by comparing new photos with those taken by explorers in the late 1800s and early 1900s, from the same vantage point and at the same time of year.

Sustainability, innovation and technology are the key elements of the green revolution that will lead our planet towards a 100% renewable future, and are also the cornerstones of Enel Green Power’s activities around the world.

The Renewable Energy of Today and Tomorrow

The energy sector is going through a transformation guided by global macro trends that will have an effect on our planet before some of us might notice them.

Climate changepopulation growth and the consequent urbanisation and increase in global energy demand, as well as the development of emerging economies and new technologies, are the main factors pushing us toward sustainability.

“The demand for renewable energy continues to grow. Enel Green Power offers the best sustainable solution to meet consumers’ needs and make the future more sustainable.”

– Antonio Cammisecra, CEO of Enel Green Power

The event in Rome was a chance for Enel Green Power to demonstrate its commitment to the spread of renewable energy and the global energy transformation. Sustainable sources, increasingly more affordable and competitive than fossil fuels, are the best response to the change.

And while sustainability is the guiding light of Enel Green Power, the electrification of rural communities will lead us toward the goal of #Renewables4All.

Just think: in Africa, more than 600 million people still do not have access to electricity and, according to forecasts from the International Energy Agency (IEA), half of Africans will live in the city by 2030, a percentage that will rise to 60% in 2050.

“#Renewables4All is our goal. At Enel Green Power, we believe that the power of people can really have a positive impact on global problems and the decisions we make every day can make the world more sustainable. Events like this encourage the debate and spread this message.”

– Michele Bologna, Head of Communications for Enel Green Power

EGP, which in its first 10 years has achieved global leadership in the renewables sector, now helps companies, like Anheuser-Busch, Bloomberg, Facebook and General Motors, make sustainability their own through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), which are long-term energy supply contracts. PPAs are not mere contracts, but rather long-term partnerships, from ten to thirty years, during which the companies work together on projects of creating shared value and collaborate to spread sustainability internally.

With PPAs, we are facing a change of mindset, where partners, associations and investors put sustainability first, also becoming more attractive on the market: an important ethical value like care for the environment becomes a factor of business, thanks to the increasing attention paid by consumers.

The energy revolution is already underway and it can’t be stopped. #Renewables4All reconfirmed this, once again giving us enthusiasm and the awareness that change is possible. 

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