In North America, EGP's activities are 100% green

Published on Tuesday, 14 May 2019

“This year, for the first time, we are offsetting the entire electricity consumption of our more than 100 power plants and the offices of Enel Green Power North America by using renewable energy certificates from our Diamond Vista Wind Farm in Kansas. Sustainability is a core driver for our company, and while producing renewable energy is sustainable by definition, we want to keep challenging ourselves further and “walk our talk” and this initiative is towards that direction.”

– Georgios Papadimitriou, Head of Enel Green Power North America

Sustainability is in every detail

EGP is committed to develop innovative ideas that deliver more sustainability to our facilities.

In North America, power plants that run on 100% renewable energy certificates are just the first step in our global quest to increase the use of renewables. 

Another way to make a real impact in terms of future sustainability is through our everyday actions and specifically, in the way we carry out our employee-focused events.

Hence, that’s how the Enel Green Power Day came to light in North America. This year’s employee-focused event is dedicated to every facet of sustainability.

The event proved to be an important time to discuss renewables and innovative technology at a corporate level but also a way to unveil how we power all our North American facilities through 100% renewable energy certificates. 

A 100% green power event

Setting up sustainable events is a reality. The 2019 Enel Green Power Day proved it, starting from its venue: the Rhode Island Convention Center of Providence, RI, one of America’s greenest cities.

To make for a truly sustainable event from start to finish, we’ve set off to cover 100% of the event’s energy requirements from the Rhode Island Convention Center through renewable energy certificates issued by our Woods Hill solar plant in Connecticut.

We took this one step further by matching additional renewable energy credits to the energy usage of all seven of the Rhode Island hotels that hosted our employees. The central position of the event’s venue allowed for a substantial reduction in car usage, thus lowering overall greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 8.7%.

We’ve also put in place a series of sustainable hacks for everyday actions, including: reduction in food waste, by donating all edible leftovers to a local soup kitchen; recycling unused shampoo and soap from guest rooms, thanks to a collaboration with Clean The World, an NGO providing personal hygiene products to poorer segments of the population; and last but not least, reducing waste through sensible actions like handing out straws only on request and swapping wasteful plastic water bottles for reusable ones with dedicated filling stations.

This 100% green event was a further testimony to our commitment in generating an in-depth analysis for every facet of our business activities and value chain, with the ultimate goal of operating in an ever-more sustainable way