CRIOTEC is the first customer to use Enel Green Power’s “Green Label”

Published on Wednesday, 7 August 2019

“The introduction of eco-labels reflects the growing interest of companies to integrate renewable energy into their industrial and commercial processes, and Enel Green Power has proven to be the ideal partner for those businesses willing to boost their sustainability profile. From now onwards, our new ‘Green label’ will support the initiative of those companies in their acting as an agent of change to promote sustainable practices.”

– Paolo Romanacci, Head of Enel Green Power Mexico

Under the power supply contract signed in 2017, Enel Green Power is supplying to CRIOTEC, over a 10-year period, around 5,3 GWh annually of electricity from the 200 MW Dominica wind farm in the state of San Luis Potosi.

“Enel Green Power and CRIOTEC have had a solid and functional relationship for more than two years and the fact that we are the first company to use the Green Label fills us with pride. The intention is that our customers know our sustainable actions and that more companies join similar practices. Starting from now, the Green Label will be applied to over 500 thousand refrigerators we are producing with 100% green energy.”

– Eduardo A. Elizondo Barragán, Chairman of the Board and CEO of CRIOTEC

Enel Green Power is one of the largest renewable energy players in the country. Currently, the company manages 2,118 MW, of which 977 MW come from wind power, around 1,089 MW from solar energy and approx. 53 MW from hydropower.

Out of Enel Green Power Mexico’s 813 MW of renewable projects in execution, the company is currently building around 564 MW of renewable projects, namely the 244 MW Dolores wind farm in Nuevo Leon, the 100 MW Amistad II wind farm in Coahuila, and the 220 MW Magdalena solar plant in Tlaxcala.