EGP, 11 years driving job creation in Mexico

Published on Monday, 16 September 2019

“We are Open Power to face some of the biggest challenges in the world, combining sustainability with innovation. The creation of quality jobs is our contribution to a key dimension for the development of society and the economy of Mexico.”

– Paolo Romanacci, Country Manager at EGP Mexico

The Program has two main lines of action: one focused on generating quality jobs and another on developing SMEs.

“Our business model has allowed us to promote a shared economic development. The supply of skilled labor and local companies is growing, which can provide their services to both Enel Green Power and other companies in the energy sector.”

– Montserrat Palomar, Mexico’s Sustainability Manager

At the beginning of each project, a catalog of required profiles is created. These needs are presented to the local authorities, who provide their dissemination tools to make them known in the area. The regions also benefit, as they increase their competitive level, which allows them to promote their expertise in renewable energy and attract other investments.

“Working with members of the local community generates mutual benefits. We establish relationships before starting construction, in the hiring and training process. We form a very motivated group that knows that participating in these great projects strengthens their professional profile. ”

– Saverio Pidala’, Project Leader Mexico

For small and medium enterprises, long-term solutions are generated with the objective that the suppliers that arise can formalize their situation and are trained to offer their services to other customers.

An 11 years’ adventures

There have been more than 400 companies with which EGP has worked in this period (95% Mexican), which are not only present in the construction stage, but also in the operation:

“Before starting operations, we conducted a search for companies that can provide services for new needs. We guide, train and develop local suppliers, formalizing their activity in the economic sector. More than a work team, we form a family.”

– Luis Felipe Demeneghi, O&M

To achieve sustainable economic development, societies must create the necessary conditions for people to access quality jobs, stimulating the economy without damaging the environment. The Enel Green Power Mexico Labor and Industrial Opportunities Program is an example of how private initiative, from any sector, can create shared value with the communities and authorities of the areas in which it operates. The only growth model that assures us a sustainable future for all.