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Aurora Wind Farm, USA

Aurora Wind Farm, USA

In operation

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The project

North Dakota paves the way in wind energy

The Aurora Wind Farm is located in Williams and Mountrail counties, North Dakota, adjacent to Enel’s Lindahl Wind Farm.  Using 71 turbines, the plant is expected to generate around 1.3 TWh of sustainable energy each year, equivalent to the electricity needs of over 100,000 US households annually. Avoiding 850,000 tons of CO2 emissions each year, Aurora Wind is helping protect our environment from carbon pollution.

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In operation



299 MW


Energy production

1.3 TWh annually


CO2 Emissions avoided

850,000 tons annually


Electricity equivalent

100,000+ US households annually

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Community Impact

Enel Green Power is committed to creating long-term shared value and sustainability for the Williams County community. The project created 300 construction jobs during the construction phase, generating new opportunities for locally owned businesses, and 12-15 full-time permanent jobs. During the pandemic, Enel responded to support the health and well-being of its host communities by committing $58,000 in funds to first responders: the Tioga Medical Center, Ray Volunteer Fire District, Tioga Volunteer Fire District and Wildrose Volunteer Fire District.

Enel is working hard to develop the future wind workforce of North Dakota and as part of a multi-year commitment has sponsored the annual Drone Camp for Kids in Tioga to engage local students in STEM education. Additionally, Enel supports a scholarship at Lake Region State College for the wind turbine technician program, with preference given to students who hail from the Lindahl and Aurora project area.

  • Workers >300

    Workers >300 Construction jobs

  • Investment 220

    Investment 220 Million dollars in local investment

Digital Initiatives

In building wind farms, we deploy innovative tools and techniques, such as construction machinery equipped with active safety systems, smart tracking, advanced digital platforms and tablet software solutions to monitor and remotely support site activities, as well as plant commissioning. These processes and tools will enable swifter, more accurate and reliable data collection, thereby improving the quality of construction and facilitating communication between on-site and off-site teams. Smart glasses, 360-degree cameras and drones are used to perform virtual site visits, safety inspections and gather more information about the site.



Community and Landowners Inquiries

John Cribbs, Senior Site Supervisor

Media Inquiries


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