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The Alta Farms Wind Project II

Alta Farms Wind Project, USA

Plant under construction

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The project

Harvesting clean, sustainable energy for Illinois

Alta Farms Wind Project II covers approximately 12,000 acres in DeWitt County, IL. At a capacity of 200 MW, it will produce enough renewable energy to power over 57,000 US households annually.






Under construction



200 MW


Energy production

760 GWh annually 


CO2 Emissions avoided

470,000 tons annually 


Electricity Equivalent

+57,000 US households annually

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Community Impact

Enel Green Power is committed to creating long-term shared value for the communities in which it operates. Alta Farms Wind Project II aims to have a positive, long-term impact on the local economy, creating approximately 275 new jobs during construction and approximately 12 full-time permanent jobs, while improving many miles of roads throughout Dewitt County. Alta Farms Wind Project II is expected to generate over $44 million in property taxes and $50 million in landowner payments over the next 25 years, and it represents a total investment of approximately $345 million.

During project development, Enel Green Power sponsored education initiatives as well as COVID-19 relief projects with local partners, including The Vault Community Center, Clinton Education Association and Clinton Community Educational Foundation. During operations, Enel Green Power will continue to support local education initiatives with Clinton USD #15, providing STEM resources and renewable energy education programs to the local community. Additionally, a community advisory committee will be formed to support the identification of high-impact local projects and grant activities to enable further economic development opportunities for the community.

Work progress status

Status of construction phase

Enel Green Power is committed to a Sustainable Construction Site model, which aims to minimize the impact of the plant's construction on the environment. When we build projects, we monitor sustainability performance for energy, waste and water management, and the economic impact on the local community.  

Moreover, Enel Green Power is constantly monitoring the status of the COVID-19 pandemic; the Alta Farms site has implemented safe working practices, strict travel guidelines, social distancing, office and project site sanitation, and other best practices to protect the health of its workers and the community in which it operates. 

  • Workers >275

    Workers >275 Local construction jobs 

  • Investment 345

    Investment 345 Million dollars in total investment

  • Local Tax Revenue 44

    Local Tax Revenue 44 Million dollars in local property tax revenues over the next 25 years

  • Lease Payments 50

    Lease Payments 50 Million dollars expected in landowner lease payments over the next 25 years

Road Closures & Daily Plan

Throughout the construction process, various temporary road closures will occur to ensure the safe transportation of construction materials. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. To view current road closures and to obtain a detailed overview of daily activities, please click here.

Digital Initiatives

When building wind farms, we use innovative tools and techniques, such as construction machinery equipped with active safety systems, smart tracking, advanced digital platforms, and tablet software solutions to monitor and remotely support site activities, as well as plant commissioning. These processes and tools will enable swifter, more accurate, and reliable data collection, thereby improving the quality of construction and facilitating communication between on-site and off-site teams. Smart glasses and remote assistant applications are used for performing virtual site visits and safety inspections. Currently, we are in the process of using 360 cameras/drones to gather more information about the site.


Community and Landowners Inquiries

Brayten McGee, Project Execution Manager

Media Inquiries


Open Feedback Portal

Using our secure and confidential platform, you can send us your feedback, inquiries, complaints or compliments. You can then follow up with your submission.
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