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La Loma Solar Project, Colombia

La Loma Solar Project, Colombia

Under construction

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The project

The largest solar plant under construction in Colombia

With over 400,000 solar panels spanning an area of ​​437 hectares, La Loma, which is located in the Colombian department of Cesar, will be the largest photovoltaic park in the country. Once it is completed, the total installed power will be 187 MWdc, generating 420 GWh of renewable energy per year.






Under construction



187.36 MWdc


Energy production

420 GWh per year


CO2 Emissions avoided

168 tons of CO2 per year


Electricity Equivalent

To approximately 370,000 people per year



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This large park, which spans 22 subfields, is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The solar panels installed have an individual capacity of 460 watts and measure 220 centimeters in height, 103 cm in length and 3.5 cm in width. Furthermore, they are bifacial, which allows them to absorb energy on both sides, for enhanced performance. These panels are mounted on an automated metal frame called a tracker, which enables them to rotate and follow the Sun’s movement, to capture its rays throughout the day and thus optimize the energy generation process.

Impact on the local community

We are launching various projects in the surrounding area, and they are all aligned with Enel's vision of creating shared value. In partnership with SENA (Colombia’s national apprenticeship service), we have already provided training courses for 292 people so that they can work as chainsaw and string-trimmer operators, civil works officers, experts in good beekeeping practices, marketing, assembly and installation of solar panels, to name but a few.

We are also developing the Buena Energía para tu Escuela(good energy for your school) initiative. It is aimed at improving the conditions of school infrastructure of the Potrerillo Educational Institution, as well as the lives of 650 students.

Furthermore, thanks to the beekeeping training we provided in collaboration with SENA, 17 individuals from the community started their own honey business and installed the first two solar apiaries in the country. They are located in the conservation areas of the La Loma solar park. These types of activity help us protect the forests surrounding the solar park and guarantee the sustainable and organic production of honey, which in turn helps us contribute to the conservation of bees, a key species for the biodiversity of this ecosystem.

We will also soon be carrying out other projects that will benefit 2,500 people in the Potrerillo area. They include: improving local Internet connectivity, building a community hall by using materials recycled from construction work at the park, lighting community areas using solar poles and a solar pumping system for the area’s water and sewage systems.

Construction process

Construction stage

At Enel Green Power we are committed to sustainable construction and creating shared value (CSV). When building parks, we carefully monitor the performance of energy sustainability, water and waste management, and the economic impact that projects can have on the local community.

  • Construction progress 70%

    Construction progress 70% Project completion percentage

  • Employees 762

    Employees 762 15% of which are women

  • Local employment 72%

    Local employment 72% of the people are from the Cesar department

  • Investment 126

    Investment 126 Million dollars approximately


Colombia News Media

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