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Diversity and Inclusion: Our Team’s Strength

Diversity and Inclusion: Our Team’s Strength

Enel Green Power is a big sustainable energy family. Equal opportunity and inclusion are the pillars of our work.

Diversifying and Including to Be Better

At Enel Green Power, many different languages, countries, cultures and stories coexist. Different ages, skills and abilities complement each other and make each of us valuable to one another. In our daily work, having such an assorted mix of people is an added value.

We appreciate and value each person’s uniqueness. We enhance our work with team-building initiatives so we can get to know our colleagues better, even the ones thousands of kilometers away. Women are a fundamental part of our teams, from top management roles, to operations, to positions dealing with customers and communities.

We encourage a corporate culture that is open to diversity and that encourages inclusion, because diversity is an existential factor and inclusion is an act of responsibility. A cohesive and diverse team considers individual responsibilities to be those of the group and gives strength to our mission: to succeed in the great challenge of the energy transition



At Enel Green Power, no kind of discrimination will be tolerated. All our colleagues receive the same treatment, based on their professional skills and abilities.


Equal Opportunity

Diversity is a value that we encourage and defend, guaranteeing equal opportunity in all forms.


An Inclusive Working Environment

All our employees have the tools to participate in company processes, without explicit or implicit limitations.


Respect for Work-Life Balance

Keeping up a positive work-life balance is a key to success for every team. We support the need for integration between our colleagues’ private and professional lives.