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South Africa

South Africa

The rainbow nation is greener than ever: we are united with South Africa in the journey to the energy transition.

Our facts and figures in South Africa

A story of passion, green energy and attention to the needs of local communities, leading the country towards a future of shared value.

  • Plants 12

    Plants 12 Wind and solar

  • GW 1.26

    GW 1.26 Total capacity

  • Sustainability 60

    Sustainability 60 Projects carried out in 2019 towards external beneficiaries


Here’s where our sustainable energy comes from

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Renewable energy in South Africa is one click away

Read all the stories of our commitment to the country.

Our people

The values of the EGP team

Trust, responsibility, innovation and proactivity. Discover the values that guide the work of our people in South Africa. They are an integral part of one big family and of a global community.

Photo gallery

Environmental Authorization South Africa

Karusa EA Amend Switching Station and OHL_Contact details AM1 (10Oct16)_Orig

PDF (0.1MB) Download

Karusa EA Amend Switching Station and OHL_Coordinates AM2 (13Mar17)_Orig

PDF (1.23MB) Download

Karusa EA Substation and EMPr Approval (3May16)_Orig

PDF (4.23MB) Download

Karusa EA Swithing Station and OHL and EMPr Approval (3May16)_Orig

PDF (3.71MB) Download

Karusa Wind Farm EA (12Aug14)_Orig

PDF (1.17MB) Download

Soetwater EA (12Aug14)_Orig

PDF (1.17MB) Download

Soetwater OHL Switching Station EA-EMPr Approval (03May16)_Orig

PDF (2.07MB) Download

Soetwater OHL-Switching Station EA Amend Coords-Roads AM1 (30May16)_Orig

PDF (0.98MB) Download

Soetwater OHL-Switching Station EA Amend Name Change AM2 (10Oct16)_Orig

PDF (0.09MB) Download


South Africa

102 Rivonia Road Tower 2 EY Building, Johannesburg

Business development