EGP Chile and Andean Countries develop and manage power generation plants from renewable sources in Chile, Peru and Colombia. Has over 1500 MW in construction and operation and its technological portfolio includes hydro, wind, photovoltaic and geothermal

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Elqui Project

As reported by Enel Chile to the market, the proposal presented by the Board of Directors of that Company will allow to Enel Chile, pursuant to the merger by incorporation of the company, Enel Green Power Latin America S.A. (EGP), to participate indirectly in the non-conventional renewable energy generation business and assets that EGP develops and holds in Chile; and will allow the shareholders of Enel  Generación, pursuant to the Public Offer of Acquisition of Shares ("OPA") that Enel Chile will perform, to participate in the ownership of the latter and, consequently, in the businesses of conventional generation, non-conventional renewable generation, and energy distribution.

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