Finding the best solutions for making our business ever more efficient and competitive

In the energy world, the field of renewable technologies is constantly growing and evolving.

Every day, we are called to help with the construction of new plants, to respond to various needs in the different countries where we work and to guarantee support activities for the operation and maintenance of our over 700 existing plants.

“The technologies in use are constantly improving and the market regularly sees the introduction of new instruments, machines and equipment.”

Being effective and efficient in our procurement activities means working to put the best and most competitive solutions in service of our growth throughout the world.

We work in a global market where competitiveness is directly linked to the ability to identify the best suppliers, guarantee high quality standards for products and services, and ensure timely and transparent procurement processes.

Because of this, our daily work is motivated by attention to every detail, from analysing and understanding business needs to cost optimisation and the creation of economies of scale.