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Flow battery storage systems

Flow batteries are one of the best solutions in development for the future of storage systems used with renewables.

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Storage systems with flow batteries are built from raw materials with higher availability and less environmental impact than their lithium cousins, making them more sustainable. In terms of safety, a flow battery has an operating system with fewer critical issues to manage than a lithium ion battery, which needs several control systems to avoid harmful overloading and overheating.

A Solution with Great Potential

Because of the specific technology, stored energy in and power supplied by flow batteries are not intrinsically linked. This feature makes them especially suitable for storage systems for renewables, especially for uses with long discharge times.

Flow batteries should be considered a growing technology: further developments are needed to reduce costs and increase overall efficiency in order to rise to lithium system standards. 

Lithium battery storage systems

A drop in prices in the last decade has led to the widespread diffusion of lithium batteries in storage systems.

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Beyond lithium: The storage of the future

Constantly thinking about the future is imperative for storage systems. From compressed air to thermal energy: all the technologies for storage systems in the coming years.

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