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Wind farm

Wind farms are home to wind power. Each wind farm is autonomously connected to the electric grid and takes up a very small amount of land in proportion to its renewable energy production capacity.

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A wind farm is a site designated to be used for wind power generation. It’s made up of a group of wind generators ranging from 600 kW to 5 MW spread across the land in order to take maximum advantage of the wind.

There are three types of wind farms. On-shore (at least 3 km inland from the coast) is the most common, while near-shore (less than 3 km from the coast) and off-shore (in the open sea or in lakes many miles from the shore) are less frequent and are located in places where they do not infringe upon pre-existing businesses or important sailing routes.


How a wind farm works

The renewable energy produced by each wind turbine is channeled downward into electrical ground cables. The signals that control wind turbine functions are also transmitted via ground cables.

The wind turbines on a wind farm are connected to each other by an underground cable duct. Each wind farm has a delivery cabin-station. The renewable energy produced is channeled there and is then channeled into the electric grid to meet families’ and companies’ sustainable energy needs.

Contrary to popular belief, wind farms take up very little land in proportion to the amount of renewable energy that they can produce. According to a 2020 study in Italy, the total wind power needed to meet National Energy Plan objectives for all of 2030 would only require an area the size of the province of Prato, the smallest province in the nation.


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