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Safety: a new world record! 12 million accident-free work hours

With 12 million work hours free of accidents, four countries - Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama - have set a new record, becoming an example of Enel Green Power’s safety and sustainability.

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In the sprawling Coahuila desert and the Quiché mountains. In the Fortuna Forest Reserve and Costa Rica’s hydrographic basins. In construction sites, plants and inside administrative offices.

In all of these diverse areas, we share the ambitious “Zero Accident” objective that we aim to achieve through constant training and a capillary spread of safety culture.

In Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama we are setting record after record. Last April we beat the threshold of 10 million accident-free work hours. Now we’ve set a new record: 12 million accident-free hours.

This new result proves that great dedication to safety can lead to constantly breaking one’s own best record.

An event was held at the Vientos del Altiplano wind farm in Mexico to celebrate this milestone. The O&M, E&C, HSEQ teams and the contractors who work on our various plants were present.


“We should continue to be a global role model for safety. That’s why we all have to be committed, Enel Green Power teams and our contractors, to continuing to share a mentality focused on caring for ourselves and our colleagues.”

– Fernando Madero, HSEQ Director Mexico


The key to achieving these numbers is a synergy of multiple factors: continuous improvement of work processes; application of technological innovations linked to safety; cultural change management, which shines the spotlight on the dedication and responsibility that every individual must place on his or her own work as well as on taking care of him or herself and others.


“Even if we are celebrating today, we should realize that 12 million hours are not enough. No number is good enough when it comes to safety. We’re going to continue to put measures into effect to guarantee that in all our locations and offices, in all our workplaces, safety is always a top priority for Enel Green Power and our partners.”

– Juan Luis Pedro, Director of Vientos del Altiplano

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Safety is the foundation of Enel Green Power’s business sustainability. Success cannot be celebrated if it isn’t achieved safely.

Our commitment to safety is unwavering and includes performing continuous risk analysissupplying cutting-edge protective gear and equipment, as well as sharing best practices and tacit experience.


“Enel Green Power is a role model for the global energy sector. It’s an ideal partner for us because its high standards enable us to improve together, constantly increasing the demand for excellent performance.”

– José Raúl Alvarado, EHS Director at Siemens-Gamesa for Latin America


The new record set by Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama is an example of safety, sustainability and innovation, and a source of inspiration for all the other countries in which we operate. They show that where there's a will, there’s a way, and no challenge is impossible if the means to achieve it are available.


“The means are just as important as the ends. Let’s enjoy this moment but focus 100% of our attention on safety as soon as it’s over. O & M and the other Enel Green Power areas are really a lifestyle.”

– Carlos Salas, Manager of O&M Mexico


We’ve set a new record, and we’re ready to break it!

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