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SolarPower Europe: Aristotelis Chantavas named Chairman

The head of Enel Green Power Europe at the helm of SolarPower Europe, promoting solar technology’s central role in the energy transition.

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Enel Green Power’s role in the energy transition goes far beyond the renewable energy we produce. Our global experience is the first energy source that we employ to foster continuous progress in renewables and to accelerate their spread worldwide.

The nomination of one of our most brilliant managers to head the organization that defines strategic, political and market developments shaping the future of solar in Europe attests to our commitment.

Aristotelis Chantavas, Head of Enel Green Power Europe, was named Chairman of the Board of Directors of (SPE) SolarPower Europe, the association that brings together European operators in the photovoltaic sector.


“I’m honored to have been elected to head SolarPower Europe. This election comes at a crucial moment for the development of renewable energy. Thanks to the work we’ve done so far, solar has become a key technology in the energy transition. We now need to get ready to make a leap in quality for solar, making it a dominant cutting-edge technology, which will play a vital role in the European Green New Deal.”

- Aristotelis Chantavas, Head of Enel Green Power Europe


The new chairman of Solar Power Europe aims to provide clear, shared guidelines for drafting policies, regulatory frameworks and market models that support safer, more efficient and sustainable decarbonization.

In the last few years, the energy transition has proved to be an increasingly top-priority global need. The Green Deal offers a unique opportunity to promote the role of solar in the European energy market. At this crucial time, Chantavas’ commitment to chairing SolarPower Europe’s Board of Directors is another step towards guaranteeing renewed growth for Europe's solar industry.

Chantavas’ career in Enel Green Power, where he’s proved himself adept at innovation and development in the photovoltaic sector, has provided a solid background of experience that will be quite useful in successfully leading SolarPower Europe on its newest mission.

Aristotelis Chantavas joined Enel Group in November 2018 and is currently the Head of Europe area. He graduated in Civil Engineering from DUTH. He holds a Master in Engineering from the University of Warwick and a further specialization in Entrepreneurial Studies from Harvard University. His extensive career in the renewable energy sector includes executive roles in Europe and North America working with commercial development, construction and maintenance, mergers & acquisitions and new investments. 

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