Andrea Fantini and Enel Green Power Cross the Finish Line in the Route du Rhum

Published on Friday, 7 December 2018

“I’m incredibly happy and I can’t hide that. It was difficult from the beginning: the decision to wait for better weather, starting again, dealing with a strong depression off the coast of Portugal but finally, crossing the finish line. This was my tenth time crossing the Atlantic, but the first time alone, and it was completely different. The emotions I felt, both positive and negative, were amplified exponentially.”

– Andrea Fantini, Skipper of the Class 40

Every one of the 4,746 miles travelled in the ocean was a step forward toward the achievement of a double goal: the athletic goal of Andrea, the only Italian to race in the Class 40 category, to arrive on the other side of the Atlantic and finish his first solo regatta, and EGP’s sustainable goal, to test new innovative technologies.

Innovation at Sea

The Class 40 Enel Green Power is a one-of-a-kind sailboat: not only is it 100% eco-power, but it’s also an open air energy laboratory that allows us to test new technologies for marine generation and also receive valuable information to perfect existing technologies.

As Innovation Partner of the Andrea Fantini Racing Team, Enel Green Power equipped the Class 40 with a mini-grid, which integrates the energy produced from solar panels, a wind turbine and a hydrogenerator with an energy storage system.

“I arrived in Guadalupe because of Enel Green Power. I’m not just saying that: I wouldn’t be here without you all. And I won’t hide the fact that, for me, it would be a dream to keep working with you all.”

– Andrea Fantini, Skipper of the Class 40

On board, a monitoring system was also installed, which sends real-time data on energy production and consumption to land, to enable EGP technicians to study and apply the most suitable solutions.

EGP’s Technologies for the Safeguarding of Air Quality

The 2018 edition of the Route du Rhum was a chance to shine a light on the issue of oceanic atmospheric pollution and to demonstrate how green technologies, riding the wave of sustainability and innovation, can contribute to the fight against pollution, to the benefit of the quality of the air we breathe.

Our buzzword is “continuous innovation”: in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), EGP works every day to introduce zero-emission technologies on the market and to help develop a technological road map, searching for the best solutions that are reliable, replicable and economically competitive, to allow us to access the planet’s immeasurable sustainable assets.

Boats like the Class 40 Enel Green Power demonstrate that even marine navigation can be sustainable and that the reduction of air pollution is an integral part of our mission to speed up the energy transition toward an increasingly carbon-free world.