Sustainability, consumer choices and corporations

Published on Tuesday, 23 April 2019

“Enel Green Power helps companies power their businesses with renewables in two steps. Firstly, we strive to make renewables increasingly cost-competitive so that companies know them as an opportunity to lower their manufacturing costs. Secondly, we engage consumers so that they feel free to opt for products based on the way they’re manufactured. We’re about to cross into a new era: one where consumers actively choose renewables!”

– Antonio Cammisecra, CEO of Enel Green Power

Sustainable thinking. Acting for sustainability

Consumer preferences for sustainably-produced products are driving companies to power their activities with green energy. As government regulation often falls short, the private sector’s increased focus on sustainability is increasingly considered the most effective solution to tackle climate change.

But how can companies address their consumer base’s increased calls for sustainability?

Every day, Enel Green Power delivers renewable power to corporate leaders like Anheuser-Busch, Bloomberg, Kohler and Facebook as they blaze their path to sustainability.

“Clients are searching for sustainability: our goal is to help companies choose renewables to power their business and effectively tackle climate change.”

– Antonio Cammisecra, CEO of Enel Green Power

Wind is brewing, literally

Oklahoma’s Budweiser Wind Farm at Thunder Ranch, operated by Enel Green Power, perfectly blends sustainability and business. Thanks to the agreement with EGP, Anheuser-Busch will purchase as much renewable electricity as is used to brew more than 20 billion 12 oz. servings of beer each year.

The brewer has taken its commitment to sustainability to a new level by promoting their efforts in their communications strategy, including their famous commercial which aired during this year’s Big Game.

Anheuser-Busch didn’t stop with its own operations—it also donated enough renewable energy credits to power the entire city of Atlanta during the week of the Big Game with 100% renewable energy from the Budweiser Wind Farm at Thunder Ranch.

“Sustainability is the right thing to do, for our communities and for companies whose future depends on it and on the way renewable power is harnessed. Today, consumers have a choice on whether to make the world a better place. Sustainability means living long and productive lives, pondering on the way the world will evolve and on the way we’ll shape it through actions that ultimately deliver its promise.”

– Jodi Harris, Vice President of Marketing Culture & Learning, Anheuser-Busch

When sustainability meets finance

Enel Green Power was the world's first utility to supply renewable power to global financial institutions. In Mexico, Enel Green Power signed in 2013 a supply agreement with Banamex, the Mexican subsidiary of global banking giant Citi Group: a major financial services corporation which pledged to decarbonize its operations by 2020. Established in 1812, Citi Group is proof that finance and business are not so distant as they might seem.

“Sustainability’s foray in the world of CitiGroup started over 20 years ago, gradually rising to prominence in our business strategy, focusing on three main priorities: tackling climate change, building sustainable cities and ensuring the wellbeing of local communities.”

– Valerie Smith, Global Head of Citi Group Corporate Sustainability sector

Enel Green Power’s sustainable energy stands up for businesses

Companies can’t tackle climate change single-handedly. To hasten the energy transition, they must build partnerships to thrive in an ecosystem where Millennials and Generation Z are pushing for sustainability.

Enel Green Power has sustainability in its DNA. We help companies to become more sustainable through Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contracts, which offer power supply solutions tailored to our partners’ specific needs.

Companies that choose renewable energy from  Enel Green Power send out a bold and positive statement that their corporate vision includes a concern for the environment. They also raise awareness that energy as a key factor in sustainable development.

Through its power plants, Enel Green Power enables the virtuous circle of sustainability. Consumers inspire companies to build a sustainable future, and companies recognize that sustainability is a key factor in their ability to remain competitive in the marketplace.

During our April #EnelFocusOn in New York City, sustainability leader and scientist Cyrus Wadia emphasized the ways in which consumer choices are increasingly shifting towards environmentally-conscious products and services.

“Innovation is the fundamental ingredient to foster growth. Companies should avoid going solo but rather, they must create relationships and partnerships to thrive in a business ecosystem.”

– Cyrus Wadia, scientist, sustainability and innovation specialist

Companies are gradually shifting toward sustainable innovation to evolve their manufacturing processes to be more socially, environmentally and economically conscious. Wadia emphasized that sustainability will be the norm in the future, and that companies should build sustainable initiatives into their business strategy to grow their revenue and remain competitive.

The energy choices companies make will determine the overall sustainability of their products. These choices aren’t ethically sound: they also can help to drive favorability among customers and in turn, grow profitability.