First Bifacial Photovoltaic Panel Installed at Magdalena II

Published on Friday, 19 April 2019

“Magdalena II is a project that, in addition to generating energy, creates shared value for the communities of Tlaxcala.”

– Marco Antonio Mena Rodríguez, Governor of the State of Tlaxcala

The bifacial panel kicks off a new era of solar energy, helping to further reduce the costs of this technology and increasing performance. This latest-generation photovoltaic module will allow us to capture light from both the front and back and so achieve more efficient electrical energy production than traditional mono-facial panels. This leads to the possibility of installing a lower number of panels and reducing the surface space used.

This is made possible by 1-axis trackers, known as “solar trackers”, which are mechanical-automatic devices applied to panels that orient their direction to optimize exposure to the sun’s rays, which will have a 2X42 configuration at Magdalena.

Magdalena II: A Sustainable and Innovative Construction Site

Magdalena II, where construction began in November 2018, will be completed by the end of 2019, with the installation of the remaining panels in progress now.

Once operational, the plant, which covers an area of about 800 hectares, will be able to generate 600 GWh a year and prevent the emission of about 300,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually.

The construction work for the plant has followed EGP’s “Sustainable Worksite” model, a model of best practices and procedures designed to reduce the impact of construction on the surrounding area, establish harmony with the local communities that host us and generate efficiency in line with the new paradigm of the circular economy. Enel Green Power has contributed to the creation of about 100 jobs to date.

The construction of the plant, which will require a total investment of 165 million USD, is supported by several contracts for the sale of energy and clean energy certificates (CEL) to private consumers on a large scale.

Magdalena II is also one of the first plants in the country to be completely dedicated to the industrial consumers of the Wholesale Market of Electrical Energy of Mexico (MEM), where companies purchase and sell electrical energy at the lowest price.

“The free market in Mexico has great growth potential and we’ll continue to grow through bilateral agreements with companies in the private sector.”

– Paolo Romanacci, EGP Area Manager in Mexico and Central America

Magdalena II is also an example of EGP’s innovation, because of the many processes and new construction tools we’re implementing in the plant’s construction. These include the smart tracking of certain components, advanced digital platforms and software solutions to control work progress, and remote support for worksite activities and plant implementation. These practices and tools allow us to collect data faster, more precisely and reliably, benefiting the quality of construction, communications between teams on and off the construction site and safety for workers.

Worker safety is at the center of EGP’s business. We aim to constantly improve processes, provide our workers with protective equipment and use digital technologies to minimize and eliminate risks for workers.

The installation of the first panel at Magdalena II is a milestone for EGP’s growth in Mexico and is a source of pride for the entire team working on the construction of the photovoltaic plant.

Now that the first panel has been installed, the immense Magdalena II solar park is finally starting to take on a definite shape!