The new Salitrillos wind farm is inaugurated in Mexico

Published on Tuesday, 21 May 2019

“With the inauguration of Salitrillos, we once again demonstrate our ability to quickly deliver renewable plants in Mexico. We remain committed to the development of renewables in the country, helping Mexico fulfill its environmental targets.”

– Paolo Romanacci, Head of Enel Green Power Mexico

With a total installed capacity of 103 MW, Salitrillos’ 30 wind turbines are capable of generating over 430 GWh yearly, offsetting the emission of approximately 236.000 tons of CO2.

The wind farm will be supported by a contract providing for the sale to Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission (Comisión Federal de Electricidad, CFE) of both specified volumes of energy over a 15-year period and the related clean certificates over a 20-year period.

The wind farm is the result of the second public long-term tender awarded in September 2016 from the Mexican government to Enel Green Power, which in turn financed this project with an investment worth 150 million US dollars.

After supervising its construction, Enel Green Power will now manage its operations. The wind farm is part of the company’s assets while EGP equally holds a 20% ownership stake, based on the "Build, Sell and Operate" (BSO) model, allowing an expedite capitalization of renewable projects in the pipeline while reducing the overall risk profile and hastening the value creation process.

The construction of the project was based on Enel's "Sustainable Construction Site" model, which includes measuring the socio-environmental impact of projects and actions to improve this indicator, through water treatment systems, waste recycling and training of the local population in the construction field.

In the Reynosa area, for example, 16,499 specimens of local flora and fauna of 71 different species have been safeguarded, including 17 considered at risk.

“Through innovation and sustainability, we are harnessing the country’s wealth of renewable resources, securing zero-emission, affordable energy to power the Mexican economy.”

– Paolo Romanacci, Head of Enel Green Power Mexico

Enel Green Power Mexico is one of the largest renewable energy players in the country. Currently, the company has about 813 MW in execution and manages 2,118 MW as of today, of which 977 MW from wind, around 1,089 MW from solar and approx. 53 MW from hydro.