Interactive Plants: Much More than a Guided Tour! The Project Kicks off in Trezzo sull’Adda

Published on Tuesday, 2 July 2019

“We borrowed specific tactics from science museums around the world, adapting them to our context with solutions that we haven’t seen anywhere else in our industry. We tried to make our electrical generation plants ‘transparent’ in their technical aspects, and also from an environmental and economic impact point of view. We aim to speak about energy as a whole, in an accessible and emotional way.”

– Michele Bologna, Head of Communications EGP

Almost 500 people took part not in a classic guided tour because the Interactive Plants project talks about energy in an innovative way, engaging and fascinating the visitor. It does this by building a narrative environment that, in its simplicity and adaptability to the diverse spaces of the plants involved, manages to excite and involve everyone.

The journey begins right away with a suggestion: energy is within each of us. A thermal imaging camera shows people how many Wh (watt-hours) they can generate just with the movement of their bodies. There are plenty of historical aspects and a timeline of technological discoveries, reimagined interactively: the timeline culminates in a wonderful 360-degree video, to understand how all energy sources work.

What gives substance and content to this story-telling project isn’t Enel Green Power, but science. Because renewables are the scientifically recognized answer to decarbonization, and science is what speaks to visitors, using research from the most authoritative sources and a totally agnostic approach. The pros and cons of every choice.

Human and Virtual Guides

Visitors will be physically accompanied in their exploration by both “human” guides and digital alter-egos for various kinds of energy. In Trezzo sull’Adda, Idro made his debut for hydroelectric energy: the other visits will feature Gaia (geothermal energy), Mariasole (solar energy), Levante (wind energy) and Marina (marine energy).

At the end of the visit, guests will have to prove they have become “Energy Ministers”: this can be done by trying out a videogame to put what they’ve learned into practice, choosing the best scenario in various situations based on climate, environment and the economy, to meet the energy demands of a community.

This is a choice Enel Green Power has been making for 11 years now. In this time, the world has changed. With it the approach to energy sources has changed as well: EGP is currently the top operator worldwide in the renewables sector, with a presence in 29 countries around the world and an installed capacity of 43 GW (more than 1200 plants on five continents and an annual production of 100TWh from solar, wind, hydropower and geothermal).

Interactive Plants is a way to revolutionize energy story-telling and bring people closer to the topics of sustainability and awareness. Because creating clean energy for the world is a mission that deserves to be shared with all. Parents and children, the elderly and Millennials – and Generation Z – have the right to get to know and see the results of the green revolution up close.