EGP and Citibanamex, five years of sustainable leadership in Mexico

Published on Friday, 18 October 2019

“One of our priorities in terms of sustainability is to reduce the operational environmental footprint of all areas, buildings and branches of our business, as well as integrate our suppliers into this strategy. To achieve this, we develop actions such as: the use of renewable energy; the decrease in water consumption, through treatment and reuse; ‘paperneutral’ strategy, favoring digitalization; and green or sustainable building. The agreement with Enel Green Power has allowed us to provide more than 220 of our branches, distributed throughout the Republic, with renewable energy.”

– Ernesto Torres Cantú, General Director of Citibanamex

The supply agreement signed by both companies includes the supply of up to 90 GWh of renewable electricity annually. To date, around 250 GWh of green electricity have been provided, which have helped to avoid the emission of more than 145 thousand tons of CO2, which would be sufficient to fill the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City 42 times. To compensate for these emissions, almost four million trees should be planted.

Allies in the creation of shared value

“Citibanamex decided to become a pioneer five years ago, risking to open an unexplored path in its sector. Thanks to his example, many other companies became aware of the need to rethink their energy supply and opt for renewable and sustainable options. We are pleased to have been your ally on this path, which still has a long way to go. We hope to continue innovating together for the benefit of Mexican society.”

– Paolo Romanacci, Country Manager at Enel Green Power México

Enel Green Power is not just a simple electricity supplier, we also create alliances with our customers through three axes: we share our global experience; we offer our proven project development capacity; and we offer reliable renewable energy solutions. All our projects are based on sustainability, innovation and a proactive approach to create shared value for us, our allies and for the communities in which we operate.


A greener future for Mexico

Enel Green Power will continue its commitment to support Citibanamex and other companies to achieve their sustainability goals, creating economic value while addressing the effects of climate change. Only then will Mexico have the green future we all want.