K Factor: Our partner selection criteria is based on sustainability

Published on Wednesday, 18 March 2020

“All of our partners share in the spirit of how we do business and have shown interest in set targets and committed to achieving those targets as quickly as possible. Now and in the coming months, we’re going to keep on aligning the largest possible number of entities with our sustainability guidelines.”

– Nicholas Magliocco - Head of Battery Energy Storage Procurement

Creating a sustainable value chain that applies the principles of the circular economy is a crucial tool for Enel Green Power to use in order to achieve its own strategic objective: to lead the transition into a greener world. To do so, sustainability must become a common goal shared by our suppliers as we innovate, grow and create value together. This is one of our most worthwhile challenges. We want to transmit our commitment to sustainability to all our partners and their entire supply chains. Soon, we’re going to expand the application of this model to how we select our suppliers in the solar and wind sectors in all of the countries where we operate.