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Decarbonizing Supply Chains: Collaboration and Renewable Energy Strategies

Decarbonizing Supply Chains: Collaboration and Renewable Energy Strategies

Download this free guide to learn how to reduce your company’s supply chain greenhouse gas emissions.

About the Paper

As companies are increasingly focusing on becoming more sustainable, there is a growing imperative to decarbonize supply chains. However, navigating through the Scope 3 emissions reduction process can be complex, so many companies seek to understand where to begin.

In this guide from Enel Green Power, you will learn about and explore:

  • What is included in Scope 3 emissions and why they are important
  • The main steps to reducing supply chain emissions, from data collection to strategy implementation
  • Collaboration with suppliers and renewable energy procurement strategies

Use this guide to help you along your supply chain decarbonization journey. Learn from renewable energy and sustainability experts at Enel Green Power how to reduce your supply chain emissions to help your company achieve its sustainability goals.