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Six Things to Know about IFRS Accounting Before Getting Started with a VPPA

Six Things to Know about IFRS Accounting Before Getting Started with a VPPA

Download this free guide to learn more about IFRS accounting to successfully implement your first virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA).

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About the Paper

As more companies are increasingly purchasing renewable energy through Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPAs) to reach their sustainability goals, it is becoming ever more crucial to keep informed on how to implement your VPPA successfully. VPPAs can be intricate financial transactions, so accounting implications is one of the issues that needs careful attention when considering one.

In this guide from Enel Green Power, you’ll discover:

  • How VPPAs work
  • Six takeaways to understand about IFRS accounting before starting with a VPPA
  • Ways to analyze and ease potential challenges associated with IFRS

This guide will help you prepare for new deals ahead of time, structure contracts to mitigate market volatility risk, use cash flow hedge to limit cash flow variability, assess hedge effectiveness, and value a VPPA over its term under IFRS.

Learn from our energy experts at Enel Green Power to help you make the best choice for your sustainable energy strategy.


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This guide is completely free. We are excited to share our knowledge and we hope you will find it useful and relevant. We encourage you to visit our website when you have renewable energy questions.