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Plants under construction

Under construction

Enel Green Power is leading the energy transition and is committed on various fronts in order to bring new power plants to life in 10 countries. All of them follow the sustainable construction model and respect the best practices in health, safety and the environment.

We are busy building the future

We see them grow step by step, following the sustainable construction site model based on best practices in health, safety and the environment. They aren’t just isolated engineering projects, but are perfectly integrated into the social and economic fabric of local communities. For this reason, they become accelerators in the global energy transition. This is also thanks to the most innovative digital solutions. Come and find out how near they are to completion.

  • Plants >100

    Plants >100 Currently under construction*

  • Countries 10

    Countries 10 Where they are being built*

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Our plants worldwide

Localization, information and fun facts: use the map to travel around the world to visit Enel Green Power’s sustainable, renewable plants.